Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weekly Happy -- If I can even keep up with That frequency!

Here's Annie showing her wiggle moves with Robby and Mommy. (NSFW, if your work thinks babies in diapers is offensive.)

This was January 6, 2015. Happy Birthday, Annie!

This is her new bike.

Thanks Grannie Davis --

Blue Mouth

Blue Mouth 2

Ready for Swim Time!

Creepy "Pegacorn"

He's waiting...

Come upstairs. There's nothing to be afraid of...

At the Wadsworth

Getting all educated on art and whatnot.

making some art and whatnot.

The plow truck we just bought to handle our long driveway.

How I felt driving up and down hills bringing home the new plow truck!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I'm Back! And it's going to have to be a weekly thing from now on...

It looks like the last post I did was in July. Well -- not sure what happened since then, but here's some more of your favorite things....

New Gloves (Mommy's gloves!)

I'm thinking one of them is a jester.

Super moon?

Super Mom!

Hide and go seek, 2 year old style

Bear hug

Birthday Party






These Gloves....

Dancing at the tree lighting

Staying alive?

An original Robby "Owl no. 14"


4th in from the right. AKA Frosty Shirt


Frosty Famous

Pressure/Vapor test (we were on the international space station)


Dinner with Dad

Ice cream

On Mars

In Christmas hat

In Reindeer ears

Actual Elf

Frosty. Guess whose is whose?

Awesome crab multi tool. It's everything I ever wanted.

#1 Christmas family (Grandma Cameo)

----------------------------------------------- Video Stylez!------------------------------------------------

Robby Swims

Annie Watched Hersefl in the TV

Catcher Wetcher, Explained

Christmas Dancing

Friday, July 8, 2016

Hooray 5K: Action Photo updates!

Here's a link to the original post from 5/7/2016 -- I was pretty proud of myself for running a great race.

How'd I do?

I finished 4th. Official time was 21:02.

I am proud. 


Here are a few additional pics from teh race that I found on the official "Soaring Above the Storm" facebook page:

Ahead of the race

Waiting at the starting line

Early int the race

Coming down the home stretch

Just about to finish. The guy in front of me got 3rd. So close -- I'll get them next year!