Sunday, April 30, 2017

Germany, part II -- Clocks and Schnitzle

As I traveled south toward Stuttgart, I stayed in another Quaint little German town.

Traveling through the woods

Another little town

and a castle, you know.

My hotel

It was called "the Eagle"

Little room.

Annie's socks showed up in my jacket. Cute!

The church

the 600 year old door

Jagerschnitzel! and Spatzel, of course

Old wooden clock. Coolness!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Weekly happy: more back again!

As the weather warms, the fun gets bigger too!

Walking, finally!

poking fish with sticks

poking fish with sticks, close up.

poking the last of the snow. with sticks!

Map of the body -- Robby.

Robby and Annie are Ashford Famous. Made the paper for excessive cuteness! I'll but you a drink if you can guess the sex of the caption writer.

First bike ride of the year!
Climbing the rocks

What a view!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Off to Europe!

I spent the first week traveling in Germany for business. Medical Show, Fitness Show, whatever. Look at the pictures I took!

Flew in to Reykjavik -- snowing in April!

German Countryside outside of Frankfurt. They had crops in the ground and leaves on the trees.

Not to bad if you ask me.

Auto Bahn. Crusin'

Small town I explored

own brewery. Because that's how they role.

Just a meeting hall built before...America.

And there are a few more.

it got old after a while ;-)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekly happy: back again!

I Had an eventful April so far -- the snow melted, I went to Germany. Annie went on a bike ride and Robby made pizza. Stina shows up too!

It's Ice cream tine again! 

Robby on Moana Day. Look at the lay!

How can I make this.....

Look like this!

our little flower!

Kindergarten Class picture 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Weekly Happy: busy family blog

This is me.

This is Robby passing yet another level of Lexia at school!

This is Robby dancing with the Russian Dancers

Robby on the computer

Annie after bath

Tot's in chairs

He knows 100% of his heart words!

And made a rainbow

Spot the leprechaun

Robby and I met for lunch

Yelling selfie!

Robby illustrating a story at the library. On the right you'll see the not often featured Christina. We love you mommy! Thanks for everything you do.